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Learn about the amazing benefits of essential oils?  This bundle is the answer to all of your questions and more!  It is easy to look up individual oils or ailments in the index or alphabetically.  It is the “quick start” education to get your family on the road to a healthy lifestyle by leaving harmful chemicals behind!  Whether you have a Basic Starter Kit, Premium Starter Kit from Young Living, or you are simply purchasing individual oils in your life for a purpose, this set of education has it all!  This step-by-step guide will educate you on how to diffuse, apply, clean, and dilute your oils plus so much more.  This education will change your life, your family’s life and your friend’s life for the better…one oil at a time!

 Essential Oils Pocket Reference 7th Edition

  • 20,000+ USES in a compact volume
  • Scientifically- backed information
  • Top tool for new members who need to learn how to use their oils easily
  • Easy-to-use index for quick navigation (new to the 7th Edition)
  • Perfect for having reference at your fingertips
  • Every Essential Oil from Young Living included
  • Easily shareable
  • Covers 155 Singles + 117 exclusive Young Living Essential Oil Blends = 272 oils total!
  • Best tool for fully introducing the Young Living lifestyle

Daily Life Essentials

  • Full-color with pictures
  • A-to-Z guide for easy navigation
  • Exclusively tailored around Young Living Products
  • Simplified version of the Pocket
  • Details multiple oils solutions for 26+ daily ailments, conditions, and health concerns
  • Easy-to-read, absorb, retain, and learn

The Essential Oils Pocket App

• Mobile, comprehensive Pocket Reference information
• Unlimited personal use
• Accessible anytime, anywhere  

Use the app anytime, anywhere to quickly find and confidently use recommended essential oils and oil blends for hundreds of different health and wellness conditions.

This app will become your go-to reference for personal essential oil use and for sharing your love of essential oils. The app features a personal guide section that details over 700 health topics for which essential oils are commonly used to help support the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Additionally, key information on over 100 single oils and more than 90 commercially-available oil blends will help you better understand and use essential oils.

The app also includes guidelines for safe use, essential oil application instructions, including detailed information about auricular internal body points, digestive tract, autonomic nervous system, and the nose and olfactory system. And puts the page numbers to reference to in the Essential Oil Pocket Reference Guide!

This app runs on the Apple family of iPhones and Androids. You can purchase your app today through Life Science Publishing's website HERE it's $7.95 and worth every penny!

The long anticipated Essential Oils Animal Desk Reference is here! This amazing, full color work is packed full of invaluable, never before seen information on how to use essential oils with your animals. By Life Science Publishing.

The 7th Edition of the Essential Oils Desk Reference is your comprehensive guide to the immense properties and capabilities of pure essential oils. This all-inclusive guide combines the factual findings of scientific research with tried-and-true methods for best use. Spiral binding allows pages to open completely and lie flat, enabling you to read and apply effortlessly. Coated pages help to keep your copy resilient from oily fingers, and the lighter paper makes it portable and less bulky.  Sidebar, full-bleed color-coding of the six main sections makes the Essential Oils Desk Reference easy to use. By Life Science Publishing.

Stacey Kimbrell, National and International Speaker on how to live a balanced lifestyle and make better choices that directly influence our health and success in life, has written a godsend for many of our questions concerning wellness; and it's available for all to use, learn from, and change lives forever. Living Balanced presents an immense amount of information, in concentrated snippets, which makes each chapter easy to digest and comprehend. She uses testimonials and medical facts from nationally and internationally recognized institutions to discuss the adverse effects of the chemicals we unknowingly expose ourselves to, e.g., in food, household cleaners, and cosmetics. During the journey that Stacey takes you on, you'll experience a myriad of feelings. The first probably being doubt – “Could this information really be true?” or “Could the government actually know about and allow these things?” After you research to see if the statements she makes are fact or fiction (which she repeatedly encourages you to do), soon, you'll discover the truth: doubt, will most likely transition to anger or disbelief at certain authorities we trust and the decisions they have made regarding our health. But no matter what you take away from Living Balanced- by the end, you'll never look at the products or foods you use and buy the same - and this will be the first step to taking control of your health, your life, and your happiness. Live Balanced. 10 New Chapters Does Cancer Run in Your Family Gluten, Grains & Enzymes The Nitty Gritty on Salt Oil Pulling Stop Stress’n Juicing For Your Health Skin Is Your Largest Organ- Skin Brushing Vitamin D, Beneficial to Every Organ in Your Body Magnesium More Than Just for Bones.

D. Gary Young’s life and the growth of Young Living Essential Oils, with its worldwide farms and philanthropic endeavors, are chronicled in this new book, written by his wife, Mary Young. In its 336 pages, including over 700 photographs, this book will take you into Gary’s world, where you will learn about many of his triumphs and trials, including his journey back to walking again following a devastating logging accident.

This amazing book is the account of a man who has followed his dreams, persevered through many hard-to-imagine trials, and shaped a company that is impacting countless numbers of lives throughout the world.

Learn about the life, passions, and achievements of D. Gary Young, The World Leader in Essential Oils®.

Are your emotions overloading or bogging down your senses?  Are you expending time and energy trying to rid yourself of unwanted or unsettling emotions?  Fortunately, emotional clarity can be realized following the information outlined in Carolyn L. Mein’s “Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils.” Identify emotional patterns, how they relate to aches and pain in your body and which oils can help release these emotional patterns.

First of all, we have been running the Facebook page \"A Chef's Guide to Essential Oils\" for about four years, and we have been gathering recipes for this book for about 2 years. Many people have asked us for a conversion chart, so we worked hard to provide one in the book. We included recipes that will fit into any diet including vegan and vegetarian, as well as some \"junk food\" ;) We hope this can serve as a sharing tool for you.We are proud to aid you in your journey in incorporating essential oils into every day of your life. This cookbook is a labor of love that reflects our passion to share the benefits of essential oils. By Jason & Britney Pilkington.

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