Wanna get your oils paid for? When I joined Young Living I did it to make extra money, I had a friend that was making extra money working out and promoting a shake and I thought to myself I need to do something like that to make some extra money. She also informed me that the girl above her made like $5000 a month I wanna say. I said, what? Within a few days I was talking with another friend/employee telling her about it and that I need to do something like that. She said you gotta do something you love and believe in. I said well thats surfing not sure how I'm gonna make that happen.

I'm gonna take you back in time a little bit. I've had and still have a phobia with taking any kind of pills due to pain pills I was given after my wisdom teeth were pulled and the pills caused my calf muscles to spasm. Soon after, I got sick and had a friend who made oil blends. She made me some kind of blend, still don't know today what was in it but I do remember that she used Young Living's oils. I rubbed down my whole body with her blend and boom I was good as new the next day! She was my miracle doctor! Years later I was called upon to help be apart of a wellness team to rehabilitate another friend, part of the rehabilitation was making smoothies and essential oil capsules. I'll give you one guess on what brand of essential oils were used? Yep, Young Living! As well as the protein powder I'm sure that I was adding to his smoothies. 

Another few years go by and we're back to me talking with my friend/employee about doing something to make extra money. She mentions that a women above her made $10,000 a month, then I was really like WHAT?  I knew she was with Young Living and I was already an oil user, had $100 in my pocket from my birthday so I said to her you do the oils I believe in that how much is it? I've got a $100 in my pocket. She said it's $160, I said ok I'll slap it on my credit card and find the extra $60 I need.  And away I went selling my mom a kit the next day and my journey becoming more than I imagined! I learned that I was a bit messed up and needed these oils to help deal with everyday life, the business brought me closer to the Lord and come to find out I'm gonna make thousands of dollars a month not just a few hundred that I was looking for...

Wellness, purpose and abundance is what Young Living Essential Oils is all about. These are the things practiced and given to you from Young Living. Let's look at these 3 words. The first word is wellness, when we are not well nothing seems to go right. When we are living in good health and wellness, physically, emotionally, and spiritually we seem, somehow, unstoppable. Wellness is the key to our success in all areas of life. Young Living gives us wellness through their incredible lifestyle products, along with an amazing community of support offered around the world.

The next word, purpose. Often people feel like they have no purpose, even if they are well. Young Living gives you the ability to share wellness with others. Sharing wellness has the profoundly powerful ability to give us a thriving, sustainable purpose. When one person is able to help another become well, something incredible happens. We find immense joy in being able to help others find success in their own health.

When wellness and purpose connect an unexpected package emerges called abundance. Young Living gives you the opportunity and incentives. It may not mean what you think it means. Yes, there is financial abundance, bonuses, and retreats Young Living sends you on, all expenses paid that can be obtained through the business. But more importantly there is an abundance of life.

Become your own boss! Imagine being in a career that allows you to make a difference in peoples lives. Imagine being apart of something that gives you purpose beyond what you have ever consider possible. Imagine your world free of debt and full of time. Imagine blessing others and being able to give generously in areas close to your heart. Imagine living a life to do the things you were truly meant to do. Are you ready for your journey? Let's get started!

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